Partnering For Eternity


Partnering for Eternity

This scholarship program is designed to foster inter-generational relationships by having our students work with the elderly in our community. 
The Partnering For Eternity or "PFE" program will:
  • Match a student with a senior mentor in the community.
  • Provide an opportunity for the student to work an hour or more (if desired) with their senior mentor.

Students can spend their weekly visit doing activities such as:

  • Reading
  • Going for walks
  • Playing games
  • Doing crafts
  • Baking or cooking
  • Organizing pictures or scrapbooks
  • Socializing
  • Gardening
  • Other activities

Application & Weekly Response

 Weekly response / Applications 
The PFE would like you to use Southern Adventist University website to submit weekly responses. You can also apply online, directly from The Southern Adventist University website.
 Weekly Response (on-line)   Under Student Participants Visitation Reflection
 Application (Online)     Under Student Application


If you have any questions, please contact:
York Adventist Christian School PFE